Do you think we need a C++ compiler that forces the use of only a subset of the C++ standards?

C++ was stagnated for many years, and many developers was confident that the language will have the same destiny as Cobol, Fortran and VB6. No new projects will be developed with it and C++ developers will do just the maintenance of existing projects. But against all odds C++ reborn from its ashes and the new standards changes a lot how the language is used.

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CoderGears launch the “Well-Developed Project” program for C/C++ open source projects.

After few years of the analysis of many open source projects developed with C/C++, we can confirm that many of them are well designed and implemented despite the fact that the open source contributors do not have resources like companies. Most of them work only at night or on holidays and they produce a very good code. But some other open source projects need some assistance to be improved which is the goal of the WDP program.

The Well Developped  Project Program (WDP)  aims to improve the quality implementation of the open source projects. The goal is to acheive a deep audit of these projects and send some recommendations to their contributors. The review will be done by some C++ experts from the open source community and by using some static analysis tools.

Each contributor team interested could apply for the review and each C++ expert interested to participate to this program could apply to join the WDP reviewers team.

The audit will be done using the following tools:

  • Cppcheck
  • Clang
  • C++ Modernizer
  • Visual Studio Analyzer
  • CppModernizer
  • CppDepend
  • Vera++

And of course other tools could be suggested.

A detailled report will be generated to send it to the project contributors. The well implemented C/C++ projects will have the label WDP.

Here are some advantages of participating to the program:

  • Your code will be reviewed by some C++ experts from the open source community.
  • Your code will be audited by many C/C++ static analysis tools.
  • We help you to create a custom report with your custom CQLinq rules.

Need Moderators for the “C/C++ coding Best practices repository”

Quality is not something that can be easily added later. It’s preferable to take care of it from the beginning. However there are many style guides around the web talking about the coding best practices. Some guidelines are very interesting, some others are not suitable even they are recommended by known organisations.

The goal of the repository is to vote and comment the C/C++ coding best practices rules to have the most interesting ones and every C/C++ developer will focus more on the most voted rules.

To acheive this goal we need some C/C++ experts as moderators to create additional categories, manage the new added rules and comments which is very important to keep a repository with a good quality.

If you are a C++ expert and you are interested to moderate this repository please contact us at